The Vanishing Old West – Jerome

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The Vanishing Old West Jerome ebook

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The Wild West is one of the most popular and endearing periods of American history, and you can still see remnants of this exciting time. Ghost towns, historic sites and amazing legends can be found all over the Southwest.

Arizona is at the heart of the Wild West, and 2012 was its Centennial. Experience the Old West by exploring the great historic city of Jerome in my ebook The Vanishing Old West – Jerome.

This former mining town went from being called The West’s Wickedest City to The Worlds Largest Ghost City when all mining stopped in 1953. Jerome is now a diverse artist’s community. But look a little deeper and you’ll see the amazing history of this town, buildings and homes that are over 100 years old, mining equipment and cars from the turn of the century and much more.

“Just bought your book ‘The Vanishing Old West, Jerome.’ It was so interesting I ended up reading the whole thing right after I bought it. You have a real talent for photography. I love your photos.”

Dru W.

The photographs in The Vanishing Old West – Jerome will take you back in time. You will see houses, cars and machinery that are vanishing, or already gone. Gone forever from our world, and never to return. They are victims of time, neglect and Nature’s eternal and Herculean efforts to turn everything to dust.

Sample Page

Sample page

There are photographs of houses that have fallen down, been renovated to look brand new, or gutted by fire. In one case a demolition crew arrived just minutes after I started photographing an old house. That old structure was torn down and unceremoniously carted off by the end of the day. Today, a brand new home stands on this lot. While it’s a lovely new home, it’s also another nail in the coffin of the Old West.

“Bought the Jerome, AZ book. Great photos and commentary. It leaves no stone unturned. Fills in all the things I didn’t get to see in Jerome. Thanks, Jeff!”

Randy W., I Do Photography

The West, like time, moves slowly, but it does move. It can turn buildings, monuments, machinery and homes to nothing more than memories. Not long ago there was a barn north of Jerome that was a glorious old codger. A structure made of 120-year-old wood, built with sweat and blood to help a homesteader survive, and thrive. Time finally caught up with him, and he succumbed to time, gravity and the cycle of life. Overnight, this grizzled old barn became nothing more than a pile of lumber.

Look at The Vanishing Old West – Jerome as a window into the past. See how people lived very nicely in small homes; used machinery, cars and trucks that had an artistic flair; and were more a part of the fabric of life and Nature than most of us are today. Days were simpler, things moved at a more leisurely pace and every aspect of a person’s life was more visceral and alive.

Sit back and enjoy this trip through Arizona’s rich history, and realize that everything you see here will some day be gone, forever.

The Vanishing Old West – Jerome will show you that parts of the Old West still exist. You can see and touch it. Get a feel of what it was like to raise a large family, or run a business, in a building that’s smaller than most modern home’s living rooms. I want you to know that history is still alive, still around you. I want The Vanishing Old West – Jerome to give you a better understanding of Arizona’s past, and show you the amazing pieces of history that can be found in Jerome.

Sample Page

Sample page

I also want to preserve this history before it’s gone forever. In The Vanishing Old West – Jerome I have photographs of several homes that are now gone forever. But even though they no longer exist, my photographs preserve them for you and future generations to learn from and enjoy.


The Vanishing Old West – Jerome contains a link to 7 beautiful wallpapers that you can download and use on your computer.

I did a thorough job of recording Jerome. Here’s the outline of The Vanishing Old West – Jerome.

  • The History of Jerome
  • The Big Mines
  • Smaller Mines
  • The Town
  • Signs of the Times – Signs painted on walls
  • On the Fringe – Things around town
  • Old Homes and Buildings – A shadow of their former selves
  • The Gold King Mine and Ghost Town
  • Plants – From none to everywhere
  • Water – Four springs quench the town’s thirst
  • Intimate Details – Little things you don’t want to miss
  • Cemetery – The last call for us all

You can celebrate the rich history of Arizona with The Vanishing Old West – Jerome, and doesn’t our history deserve to be honored and shared?

Get your own copy of The Vanishing Old West – Jerome, and celebrate the Old West with this 75-page ebook of photographs and historic information.

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Buy The Vanishing Old West – Jerome ebook now, and experience the powerful history of the Old West.

Only $9.95

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