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The Youngest Ninja A story that empowers the youth of today

The Youngest Ninja is a story filled with action and adventure for both children and adults. Parents and grandparents will love sharing this book with the children in their lives. It contains authentic ninja and martial arts techniques, and helps to empower the youth of today.

It follows thirteen year old Setsuko on her first mission as a ninja. Her training began at the age of two, and now she must prove herself. She must not only fulfill the task her father, who is also a ninja, gave to her, but she must help a local prince who she encounters during her travels.

Setsuko’s adventure takes place in Feudal Japan, during the height of the ninja period. The location, Hakuho Castle and the surrounding area, was actually a hub of ninja activity in ancient Japan. In fact, Hakuho Castle was a center of ninja training, and still exists.

In The Youngest Ninja you will discover the courage and ingenuity that Setsuko must use to overcome all of the obstacles she encounters.

To achieve her goals, Setsuko uses actual ninja weapons and techniques, but demonstrates that the greatest weapon a ninja, or anyone, has is their mind and intelligence. She also shows that to be a complete person, you must develop equally your mind, body and spirit.

The Youngest Ninja is filled with adventure, courage and even a little romance.

Order The Youngest Ninja ebook now, and experience the mystery of the orient as it was in Feudal Japan. Become a ninja and discover newfound courage and talents that are buried within you.

The martial arts that Setsuko uses in the story are accurate ninja techniques. They are based on the author’s twenty years of experience in the martial arts.

The Youngest Ninja weaves a delicate fabric of fact and fiction to entertain and educate the reader.


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Sample Page

Setsuko knew if she was found on this moonless night, she would be murdered! Without hesitation, she laid down under the giant maple tree. Then buried her small frame in the thick blanket of dried leaves that covered the ground.

Quiet…, concentrate, she ordered herself. Breath…, slowly.

This was not easy to do. She had tried to outrun her pursuer for so long she was out of breath. See the ocean, she told herself. Feel the gentle, slow waves. Setsuko’s breathing grew so shallow that the rhythmic rise and fall of the leaves ceased.

The smell of damp earth and rotting leaves crawled through her black hood, and into her nose. A sneeze began squirming to life.

Without warning, a foot penetrated her protective blanket of leaves, just inches from her ear. It belonged to an evil ninja from the Nawa Clan. The same ninja who had chased her through the dark night. If Setsuko made any sound or movement, he would find her.

Concentrate, she ordered again. Control your fear! The sneeze… slowly… died.

Setsuko imagined what was happening in the world above her leafy cloak. The ninja was dressed in black from head to toe. Only his eyes and fingers peeking out from his tight fitting uniform. Standing in a well-practiced crouch, he would look like a tree stump to any passerby. He scanned the shadows for his small prey.

Trained from the age of two, as were most ninjas, he knew how to see in the dark. No movement would escape his keen vision.

Drawing on her own ninja training, Setsuko held her breath and didn’t move. Be as silent as the shadow, she repeated from her father’s lessons. A moment later she felt the ninja walk away.

Setsuko poked her head through the leaves and looked around. The ninja was gone, at least for the moment. Whew, that was close, she thought as she caught her breath. Father was right, the Nawa Clan does have ninjas looking for me. I must be very careful. Since this is my first mission, I need to prove myself worthy of being a ninja. Tapping her left side she felt the scroll safely tucked inside her shirt.

Setsuko got up and without a sound crept… very… carefully… to a denser growth of forest. Deep shadows swallowed her whole. She was invisible again.

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