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Great Gift For Photographers!

How To Find Models Anywhere

How To Find Models Anywhere

Are you having a hard time finding models willing to pose in exchange for prints or images?

Are you unsure about how to approach a potential model and present a professional image?

If so, then this book is for you. It will help you find models, whether you live in the big city or a rural town.

Order this book NOW to find models TODAY!

Great Gift For Photographers!

sell your photographs

Special Bonuses

  • 6 pages of valuable business tips.
  • An 8-page workbook to help you find the best field to work in.
  • An additional page of links and book recommendations that will help you achieve your business goals.

25 Places To Sell Your Photographs

A quick and Easy Guide

Both amateur and professional photographers will find ways to make money with this ebook.

Amateurs can find many ways to start earning money with their photography. And professionals can find new revenue streams.

Check out this ebook NOW to see how you can start making money with your photography TODAY!.

the vanishing old west - jerome


This book contains a link to 7 beautiful wallpapers that you can download and use on your computer.

The Vanishing Old West - Jerome

If you love photographs and the history of:

  • Arizona
  • Jerome
  • The Old West
  • Mining and mining equipment
  • Ghost towns
  • Old cars
  • Cemeteries
  • 100 year old buildings and signs

Then this is the book for you.

Relive the nostalgia of the Old West and the early days of mining, when men were men, and smelled like it too.

Great Gift For Photographers!

portfolio book

How To Assemble And Show Your Portfolio

Learn how to make a professional photography portfolio, to get the assignments you want and deserve. Read it NOW to learn how to become a successful photographer, TODAY!

Great Gift For Writers!

the writer's answer book

The Writer's Answer Book

Learn how to become a successful writer, TODAY!

The Writer's Answer Ebook is an invaluable source of information for both new and experienced writers. It will not only let you find answers to the questions you have, but to questions you don't even know you should be asking, but are vital to your success.

Great Gift For Writers!

the writer's resource book of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mythology

The Writer's Resource Book Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror And Mythology

Stimulate your creativity and improve your writing with this invaluable ebook for fiction, nonfiction and genre writers.

Start becoming a better, and more successful, writer TODAY!

Great Gift For Children, Of All Ages!

the youngest ninja

The Youngest Ninja
(A young adult novel)

The Youngest Ninja is a 29-page ebook filled with action and adventure for both children and adults. Parents and grandparents will love sharing this book with the children in their lives.

It contains authentic ninja and martial arts techniques, and helps to empower the youth of today.

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